The Panthenon Group

 A global investment firm

Through the past 10 years, we have built a credible portfolio of investments in the areas of currency trading, real estate investments, life sciences, renewable energy and in the near future, telecommunication and fintech as well.

In 2009, we led four of our clients to strategically put up US$600Million to invests in AAA Class commercial properties in 5 cities in the United States.  Today, the IRR is above 73% and the average cap rate is 7.2% per annum.

In 2012, we invested in a biological company producing organic synthesized human collagen from algae.  The potential to rebuild new skin tissue and to retard aging is phenomenal.  Our strong relationships with the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals enabled us to connect the inventors with the suppliers and with the hospitals.  A number of co-development projects are ongoing to develop end products with Merck and Abbott Laboratories.

In 2009, we started up a company extracting tocotrienol from palm oil as the ideal feedstock.

Tocotrienol is high end full isomer organic Vitamin E.  Its usage lies in the cosmeceutical, medical and nutriceutical industry.

Its many benefits include reducing the risk of cancer, retarding Alzimer’s Disease, lowers the risk of Parkinson’s Disease, improves overall health of the heart, lowers LDL, aids in growing new skin, reverses the aging process and improves brain power.

Currently, we are working with National Cancer Centre, Singapore and White Memorial Medical Centre, Los Angeles to fund cancer research and treat cancer patients. 

It is the Secret to Prolonged Youth.

In 2013, we invested in a Danish company producing a high yield 5 megawatt vertical wind turbines with just winds of 1.3 metres per second for the consumer market.  Unlike conventional windmills that incorporates ball bearings, our windmill uses a water bath, therefore, it is frictionless.  We enhanced the technology by incorporating another invention; electrolysis, releasing the oxygen in the atmosphere, enjoying carbon credits and harnessing the hydrogen to boost the output of the generator to 20 megawatts per month.  We have installed 300 units in California, and currently working with PG&E and SC Edison to set up a bursary from the excess sell back to fund education for the needy.

In 2004, we launched our proprietary currency trading program.  Now with a 10 year track record averaging 93% absolute return annually, it has put us on the pedestal of Best Performing Boutique FX Firm by Euromoney 7 years in a row.

Presently, we are developing an algorithm to capture the EQ of the currency markets by incorporating the thoughts, feelings and words of the central bankers, politicians and the media.   Today, volatility is very much driven by sentiment and emotion operating in a shorter economic cycle.  Our objective is to capture opportunistic trades with a high percentage of ’wins’, consistently and on a sustainable basis.  We will be one step closer to possessing a trading program with true AI.

As trading in G5 currencies is our forte, we have created a separate trading website, where you can follow our trading ideas, thoughts and concerns, rationale and analysis at;