The Panthenon Group

 A global investment firm

Navigating the world of business opportunities is never easy.  Our focus is to create value propositions, to develop the gears, to connect the gears and to effect synergy.

We are activators of business, we energize the business, we boost profits, we excite the management team and we motivate employees.

Our priority is to maximize shareholder value.

Our focus is on doing what we know best, specifically, in the areas of currency trading, real estate, life sciences and renewable energy.

In 2015, we are adding three new investment initiatives and areas of excellence in; telecommunications, agrotechnology and fintech.

Currency trading is our forte, we live and breathe the currency markets.

While trading opportunities are plentiful, the risks associated to these opportunities are treacherous.

No one has a crystal ball.  All traders can only rely on their fundamental analysis, technical analysis, fund flows, sentiment, media and ‘ears in the network’.

Risk management is our hallmark and it increases the probability of our trading success.  Our annual absolute return through the past 10 years has been averaging 93% per annum.